wander list


noun informal

noun: wander list; plural noun: wander lists


A record to keep track of all the places, sights, activities and stuff that you have a strong, innate desire to experience as you wander the world.


“Paragliding, Cuba, and riding a bike in Amsterdam are all ones for my wander list!”




verb: to wander list; 3rd person present: wander lists; past tense: wander listed; past participle: wander listed; gerund or present participle: wander listing


Make a wander list of


“Have you added scuba-diving in the Maldives to your wander list?”

“Yeah, I’ve wander listed that.”

What is a Wander List?

Not quite a bucket list as this list gets longer over time, a wander list is a term that is solely travel-related.


Here on our blog we post about places we’ve travelled to, experiences we’ve had or things we’d love to experience in the future and many other travel tips and maps etc… the list goes on…


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