Hiking in inappropriate footwear to the top of Kastellorizo, Greece

5 Things To Do In Kastellorizo, Greece...

Eat freshly caught fish at a Greek restaurant

Hike to the top of the island

Feed wild sea turtles

ย Take a boat ride to the Blue Cave

Visit an ancient Lycian Tomb

An island we had never heard of until the second day of our honeymoon, Kastellorizo, or “Meis” as they call it in Turkey, was a lovely surprise.

After the previous day of island-hopping along the turquoise coast, we were more than pleased when the boat tour company guide told us that we could spend yet another day on the sea if we took the ferry over to Meis (as it’s known in Turkey) / Kastellorizo (as it’s known in Greece). We enquired immediately.

See the photos below for a glimpse of life on this tiny island.

Check out our video below from our boat ride to the Blue Cave at Kastellorizo, Greece.

Follow this route for your day trip from Kas, Turkey to Kastellorizo, Greece just half an hour away on the ferry!

Click on the Google Map below and click on the icons to view more information. Make sure you add it to your Saved Maps so you can follow the route when you make it there.

Day trip plan to Kastellorizo, Greece - Follow Google Map above for detailed route

Start at the harbour in Kas, Turkey. Enquire about the ferry that goes to Meis / Kastellorizo. Kas, Turkey
Enjoy the thirty minute ferry ride across the sea to the harbour at Kastellorizo. Kastellorizo / Meis
When you arrive, enquire about a man with a boat who can take you on a speedboat to the Blue Cave. Blue Cave
After your visit to the Blue Cave, head to Paragadi restaurant for some freshly caught fish for lunch. Food & Drink
Start your hike at the stairs here which lead up to the main trail. Hike
Stop by and peek into this gorgeous Italian-style unfinished church. Church
Walk around the corner for a Golden Photo Spot Golden Photo Spot
Stop by Ta Platania restaurant for some refreshments and snacks. Food & Drink
Continue on to a path leading up the mountain. Hike
Walk along with the goats in the hills. Wildlife - Goats
Check out another Golden Photo Spot almost at the top. Golden Photo Spot
Reach the flag of Greece at the top of the island, near the old monastery. Top of the island
Head back down to the harbour and grab a bite to eat at the Athina Seafood Tavern. Food & Drink
Feed the sea turtles that swim up along the harbour near the restaurants. Wildlife - Feed sea turtles
Walk back around to where you arrived at the harbour and see the derelict houses along the way. See if you can spot the one in our photo gallery above. Hike
Walk around the path at the edge of the island to visit an ancient Lycian tomb. Ancient Lycian tomb
Don't forget to pop into the Hellenic Duty Free shop at the port for cheaper alcohol than in Turkey. Shopping
Don't miss the ferry back to Kas!... Unless you want to. From Kastellorizo / Meis > Back to Kas, Turkey

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