Blink-And-You-Miss-It Street Art

Who knew Paris had such a thriving Street Art scene?


Rue Dénoyez

Seine Riverbank



There are just so many quaint and quirky little (and big) creative stamps of the Parisian artistic community to look out for in nooks and crannies all around this spectacular city.

It’s always a treat to look back at your photos later, only to take a closer look and spot a small piece of street art in some corner; whether it be a small mural, a graffiti artist’s tag, or the mould of a face, or breast even… (more on that below…)

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Rue Denoyez Street Art (and furniture)

Looking out for these blink-and-you-miss-it snippets of street art make walking the streets of Paris a new adventure every time you turn a corner. Even one you may have already turned a dozen times before, and think you know like the back of your hand.
Look through our photos and videos to see some of the amazing Parisian street art we spotted during our trip last month.

Seine Riverbank Street Art

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Hover over the image above… it’s a Space Invader-Burger taking off!

Gregos the street artist who places moulds of his face with different expressions around Paris. Here is a face he installed on the Seine riverbank in Paris.

Rue Dénoyez Street Art

Rue Denoyez Street Art – Boy Look At Me>
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Rue Dénoyez Street Art Women>
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Rue Dénoyez cafe & street art

Rue Dénoyez Shop Facade

Spot the Boob

Once, I thought I spotted what I thought was a breast on some part of a wall… upon closer inspection, turns out I was right! I soon began to notice more of them on our walks around the city.

Some might find these sculptures of a part of the female anatomy shocking, offensive even, seeing as the female breast outside of a sexual context can be frowned upon and seen as taboo, uncomfortable. Funny that… considering they are a very normal thing. They definitely got a chuckle out of me every time I spotted one, a cheeky reminder of the power of a woman.

Google is great… upon some research I discovered the street artist is called Intra Larue and she actually started casting plaster sculptures from her breasts as a joke to begin with. Read her interview on Street Art Paris where she talks about her work and the meaning behind it.

Check out the photos and video below and see if you can spot the breast!

Spot the Face

Another time, I spotted a 3D face emerging from a wall on the Seine riverbank. I thought this was a one off maybe. Somebody being… cheeky? (Pun intended).

A few days later in Monmartre I saw what looked like some painted balloons on a wall. As we got closer, I saw the same 3D face as on the riverbank, but here there were many face moulds, with different expressions, grouped together with a heart shaped balloon painted around each one. So cool!

Again, Google is amazing… I searched and found that the name behind the face (…get it??) is a street artist named Gregos. His website states that he invented his own 3D concept using techniques he has taught himself and developed over the years, creating a moulded replica of his face, with different expressions, that he paints and glues on the walls of Paris. Each face is like a ‘self-portrait of the day’ to express his humours, his past, present, and future, everything that makes Gregos… Gregos.

More than 1000 faces have been installed, mostly in Paris. However, I’ve just spotted on his website that he has also installed some faces around London…  I can’t wait to go and find them! See if you can spot Gregos’ faces in the photos and videos posted on this page.

Monmartre Street Art


Belleville Street Art

Belleville has so many amazing examples of street art in Paris. See the photos below…

More street art around Paris below...

Princess Leia 8-Bit


``We are the Ménilmontant boys!``


Outside Pernety Metro Station


Quai de la Loire Woman

12e Arrondissement

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